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Commercial Terms and Conditions

Because our expertise and investment in people, processes and equipment is extraordinarily high, as it needs to be in order to meet the needs of our customers, we can not do business on standard terms and conditions that are posted or sent routinely by customers. We attempt to continuously inform customers of certain conditions which we do not accept.

WE DO NOT DESIGN any of the products we sell. We only manufacture to the specifications of our customers. Therefore, THE FOLLOWING PROVISIONS SHALL APPLY IN EXPRESS DEVIATION OF THE RESPECTIVE CLAUSE OF ANY PURCHASE ORDER, ANY TERMS INCORPORATED THEREIN OR ANY OTHER SOURCING AGREEMENT, RELEASE OR WEB SITE POSTING, WHERE APPLICABLE. Those conditions continue to be rejected if they are again contained or referenced directly or indirectly in a purchase order.

We warrant that each product shall be in full conformity with the customer’s drawings and other written and agreed specifications, shall be free from defects in workmanship and, in the case that the material supplier is chosen by Autocam, also free from defects in material.


Our obligation, whether in the case of defect, failure, line shut down, death, injury or upon a recall, is limited to replacement of defectively manufactured parts and reasonable sorting costs when such defects are found and reported to us within a reasonable time after delivery.

These conditions can only be varied by a writing signed by our President or Vice President Sales & Marketing which expresses an intention to vary these conditions. 

All Autocam quotes are made on the basis of payment net 30 days unless otherwise specifically stated and we charge 1.5% per month of the balance due on all delinquent payments.

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