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One Approach

Collaborative Process

As a uniquely collaborative partner, our OEM customers rely on us as a valuable part of their supply chain.  We also lend our expertise in design and development of prototypes, pilot production, and validation. As part of the DFM process, our engineers work with our customers to carefully review each part for ease of manufacturability and assembly. We often recommend and implement changes, which improve value and product quality. 

Autocam Medical is the industry leader in the practice of continuous improvement.  We invest heavily in a quality management system which ensures process control, accurate reporting, and traceability. Our approach dramatically improves manufacturing integrity, reduces lead time, and provides the most reliable and high quality medical device components.

Capabilities + Equipment

Better Service

With multiple manufacturing locations to support your programs, Autocam Medical removes the risk of single sourcing to one location. Our unified approach means streamlined dock-to-stock delivery, "kitting", and one-point customer contact. Source with Autocam Medical, and maximize control of your value stream with guaranteed quality and unmatched service.

Capable Partner

We believe in being a long-term partner. This means working closely with your team, understanding your goals, and overcoming potential obstacles. At our core, we’re problem-solvers. From process improvement to speed-to-market responsiveness, value engineering to high-volume production, we’ve got you covered. To see how our partnership has served our clients, check out these case studies.

Flexibility and Confidence

Autocam Medical has the ability to make quick changeovers in all manufacturing facilities. This responsiveness to your volume and component requirements optimizes flow, and minimizes down time expense. Our validated processes can be transferred from one Autocam Medical facility to another, providing redundant manufacturing capability for risk mitigation from one single source. 


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