BONEZONE: Autocam Medical Equipment Installed in University Lab

Autocam Medical announced the installation of three new pieces of their manufacturing equipment in Western Michigan University’s regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Laboratory (AMP Lab). The lab has received a CNC 5 Axis Mill, a Swiss lathe and a 3D metal printer to help engineering students and current engineers and designers experience the high-tech devices needed to develop and test new products and prototypes.

In addition to hands-on use of equipment, students can also gain input from industry experts at the lab.

The AMP Lab is located on the bottom two floors of WMU’s building in Grand Rapids, with classrooms above and the equipment on the lower level. This allows passersby to see the machines from the sidewalk.

“This type of visibility will allow people to see manufacturing in process,” said John Kennedy IV, General Manager at Autocam Medical. “It will also help raise the profile of advanced manufacturing in downtown Grand Rapids and draw more people into skilled trade careers. Manufacturers are struggling to fill these positions with well-trained workers who can become productive immediately. The AMP Lab helps close that gap.”

Autocam Medical provides screws, plates, cutting tools, implants, instruments and handpieces to orthopedic and medical device companies. The company is a partner in the AMP program that seeks to build a skilled workforce by developing students to pursue careers in engineering and manufacturing. Autocam Medical also participates in a CNC Machinist Apprentice program. Students who complete 728 hours of classroom instruction while maintaining a full work schedule receive their journeyman’s card in CNC Machining and 27 college credits towards an associate’s degree.

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Downtown Grand Rapids pedestrians soon will be given a window into advanced machining and robotics projects at a $3 million lab that opened last year.

Movers brought in several large pieces of equipment on Sept. 3 and 4 to the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Lab at Western Michigan University, or AMP Lab @ WMU. The machines are so large the glass had to be removed from the lab’s street-level windows to lower them down to an open area that will serve as a makerspace for medical devices and possibly other types of products, with the equipment being run by expert technicians.

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WMU: WMU’s regional manufacturing lab installs new high-tech equipment

Western Michigan University’s regional state-of the-art manufacturing laboratory is receiving three new pieces of Autocam Medical manufacturing equipment this month to help build its prototyping capabilities.

The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Laboratory, or the AMP Lab @ WMU, in downtown Grand Rapids, received its first machine, a CNC 5 Axis Mill that enables the machining of complex parts using a wide range of modular tools, on Sept. 3.

The CNC 5 weighs more than 20,000 pounds and required removal of one of the windows facing Cherry Street and two cranes in order to move into the building and to its final spot in the Showcase/Prototyping Lab.

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CORP! MAGAZINE: 13 Graduate from Autocam Medical’s CNC Machinist Apprentice Program

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, announced today that 13 adult students have graduated from their CNC Machinist Apprentice Program.

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RUTHERFORD SOURCE: Rutherford Works to Host County Job Fair

Rutherford Works, in partnership with the American Job Center, is hosting a county-wide job fair featuring high-growth, high-wage jobs at Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro on August 29, 2019. Registration is open for employers and booth space is free! They are able to accommodate 120 employers and currently have over 75 employers registered aiming to fill around 2500 open positions within our county. Current event sponsors include Ingram Content Group, Embassy Suites, National Healthcare Corporation, Autocam Medical and TEAM Electric. For additional employer registration details, visit

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GRBJ: Manufacturer dials into workforce training

If you want something done right, do it yourself — such is the philosophy on display at Autocam Medical when it comes to creating a skilled workforce.

The Kentwood-based contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices has for the past several years participated in a CNC Machinist Apprentice Program in which it sends entry-level or other workers to Grand Rapids Community College to receive classroom instruction and training in computer numerical control (CNC) machining.

The year-round program covers the education required by the state of Michigan to receive a certified journeyman card in CNC machining. Students must complete 728 hours of classroom instruction in 91 weeks. They maintain a full work schedule while training over a two-year period. Upon completion of the program, they earn 27 college credits, which puts them on the path to receive an associate degree.

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MURFREESBORO.COM: Autocam Medical hiring for Murfreesboro location

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, announced that they are looking for a full-time CNC machinist to work the night shift in their Murfreesboro location.

Applicants must be capable of setting up and operating single and/or multiple spindle machines as well as monitoring and controlling the quality of machining practices by utilizing process control tools. They must also be proficient in maintaining production processes and working within the expected quality standards and efficiencies that are established for the line. CNC experience is required.

Autocam Medical offers a clean work environment and a generous compensation package including full health insurance and quarterly incentives. The company also provides a shift pay differential for this position that increases the employee’s hourly base wage by 10 percent.

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FABRICATING & METAL WORKING: New Machinists Enter the Workforce

Contract manufacturer Autocam Medical (Kentwood, MI) announced that 13 adult students graduated from their CNC Machinist Apprentice Program. The apprentices were awarded certificates of completion in a graduation ceremony held on June 12 at Western Michigan University’s AMP Lab in downtown Grand Rapids. This program covers the necessary schooling required by the State of Michigan to receive a certified Journeyman card. Six of the graduates also received their Journeyman card upon program completion and the other seven graduates are working to complete the necessary hour requirements.

The year-round program requires graduates to complete 728 hours of classroom instruction and 91 weeks to complete. Students maintain a full work-schedule while training over a two-year period. Completion of the program puts them on the path to receive an associate’s degree, earning 27 college credits. The company runs two classes at a time and they are looking to hire another class for 2020. The 2019 graduating class includes Joshua Bos, Kevin Bultman, Nicholas Calhoun, Jacob Estrada, Mitchell Ferguson, Phillip Kasper, Scott Kok, Daniel Martinez, Benjamin Page, Jean Reynoso-Rodriguez, Jerrittia Roseburgh, Taylor Sluiter, and Alexander Stenberg.

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MLIVE: 40 employers join Thursday hiring event tied to racial equity initiative

Nearly 40 companies will be at Innovation Central High School Thursday, May 9, for a hiring event, organized by the Grand Rapids Racial Equity Initiative.

Officials say the goal is for companies to hire some people on the spot for a variety of full- and part-time jobs as well as summer jobs and paid internships.

Innovation Central is in the Grand Rapids School District and located at 421 Fountain St. NE. The event is targeting two groups:

  • High school juniors and seniors from Innovation Central are invited to meet with potential employers from 1 to 3 p.m.
  • Student families and community residents are invited from 4 to 7 p.m.

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WICKED LOCAL: Plymouth’s Autocam Medical to hold job fair

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, will hold a job fair from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec. 8 at its Plymouth location at 24 Aldrin Road.

Same day offers will be made to qualified computer numeric controlled machinists, CNC programmers, senior quality inspectors and polishing/deburring.

More in-depth information regarding these positions and others throughout all of Autocam Medical’s locations may be found at

Interested applicants may also view additional information about the job fair at

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