THE SAULT NEWS: Autocam Medical Works with University of Michigan to Produce Device that Helps Multiple Patients Breathe on One Ventilator

In March, as the coronavirus pandemic swept through China and began hitting Europe, before stay-at-home orders and worst-case global coronavirus deaths were predicted into the hundreds of thousands of people, medical professionals began to worry about whether there were enough ventilators for all the patients who would need them. A team of U-M doctors specializing […]

Autocam Medical Provides Quick-Turn Manufacturing of Breakthrough Ventilator Splitter with Individual Pressure Capability

Researchers at the University of Michigan, collaborating with Autocam Medical, have tackled the COVID-19 crisis of potential ventilator shortages globally and developed VentMI™ in remarkable time—from prototype to available for use in under a month.  This new ventilator splitter overcomes a previously critical limitation for shared use of these devices.  Previous splitters could deliver only […]

WZZM13: Autocam Medical Looking to Hire Skilled Tradespeople

Time to finish up our series on who’s hiring in West Michigan during the pandemic. Today’s company is a medical parts manufacturer in Kentwood. They were a growing company to begin with, and they’re looking to grow more. Autocam Medical Devices does exactly what their name implies. “Manufacturing for really a variety of different applications. […]

Autocam Medical Supplies Critical Components, Focuses on Employee Safety

Autocam Medical, a global contract manufacturer of precision surgical and medical components and devices, has stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while remaining completely committed to the safety of their employees. Deemed an essential business because of the trauma-related medical devices they produce and the support they are offering customers involved in the production and […]

THE DETROIT NEWS: Autocam Medical Works with the University of Michigan and Other Prominent Partners to Produce New Ventilator Device

A team from the University of Michigan has invented a device that allows multiple patients to safely use the same ventilator and has quickly made it available across the country with help from former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. The device, called the VentMI, is a splitter that protects patients from cross-contamination while sharing a ventilator, […]