MLIVE: John Kennedy Details Autocam Medical Safety Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

The former chairperson of the conservative West Michigan Policy Forum wants state officials to implement a plan that provides businesses an opportunity to reopen if they can do so safely. “If there’s a business that can operate safely, then we think we should be moving in that direction,” said Doug DeVos, who sits on the […]

MLIVE: Autocam Medical to Manufacture University of Michigan Ventilator Device

University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine researchers have invented a device that allows multiple patients to share a single ventilator, increasing the capacity to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients. The VentMI splits oxygen output from a single ventilator to two patients, taking some pressure off hospitals to acquire additional ventilators during a time when healthcare […]

U-M LAB LOG: Personalized Device Could Support Multiple COVID-19 Patients From Single Ventilator

As the pandemic swept across the nation in March, so did urgent questions about the virus’ potential strain on the healthcare system. Among top concerns: whether the nation’s hospitals had enough ventilators to provide breathing support to critically ill patients with the disease COVID-19, which mainly attacks the lungs. As experts predicted a surge in […]

WZZM 13: Autocam Medical to Manufacture University of Michigan and Makemedical Device Allowing Multiple Patients to Use Same Ventilator with Individual Pressure

When experts predicted a surge in COVID-19 cases and possible ICU equipment shortages, University of Michigan healthcare workers started making a controlled way to expand ventilator capacity. Now, U-M and Michigan Medicine researchers invented an individualized vent-splitter that may allow multiple patients to receive customized pressures while sharing a ventilator. U-M has filed for patent […]

CLICK ON DETROIT: Autocam Medical to Manufacture Ventilator Device to Support Multiple COVID-19 Victims on a Single Ventilator with Individual Pressure

University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine researchers have invented a device to help multiple COVID-19 patients receive personalized gas pressures and pressure monitoring from a single ventilator. Using 3D printing, researchers created an affordable and mobile vent splitter, a device that allows different patients to use one ventilator. The team of researchers made the VentMI […]