BONEZONE: Autocam Medical Equipment Installed in University Lab

Autocam Medical announced the installation of three new pieces of their manufacturing equipment in Western Michigan University’s regional Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Laboratory (AMP Lab). The lab has received a CNC 5 Axis Mill, a Swiss lathe and a 3D metal printer to help engineering students and current engineers and designers experience the high-tech devices needed […] An industry with a view

Downtown Grand Rapids pedestrians soon will be given a window into advanced machining and robotics projects at a $3 million lab that opened last year. Movers brought in several large pieces of equipment on Sept. 3 and 4 to the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Lab at Western Michigan University, or AMP Lab @ WMU. The machines […]

WMU: WMU’s regional manufacturing lab installs new high-tech equipment

Western Michigan University’s regional state-of the-art manufacturing laboratory is receiving three new pieces of Autocam Medical manufacturing equipment this month to help build its prototyping capabilities. The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Laboratory, or the AMP Lab @ WMU, in downtown Grand Rapids, received its first machine, a CNC 5 Axis Mill that enables the machining of […]